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  • David Doxtater

How To Grow an Event Planning Business, Part 3... Where The Workshop Has Succeeded

I am convinced that our success is due to our ability to master the art of planning big, iconic, unique events. We have proved ourselves to be efficient, thorough, and incredibly good at the creative aspect of event planning as well as the logistical aspects of managing many people in one place. Because we choose "unique" over "comfortable" we can truly unleash our creativity and go hog-wild over ideas that inspire us. Our love for what we do tends to be contagious. Attendants catch the wave of our event’s energy through impressive fireworks shows, concert presentations, and giant, over-the-top lofted decorations.

We have also learned that safety is a critical companion to fun at large gatherings. Each event requires us to adapt to changing and emerging safety concerns. Through thoughtful planning and production, we make it possible to enjoy yourself at a big event where you might otherwise run the risk of feeling unsafe.

If we had stuck to the smaller events that we started out with, I know I wouldn't be nearly as excited and happy as I am today. Breaking through to major events really helped The Workshop succeed financially.

What Events Have We Taken to Iconic Levels?

I am so proud of my team every time I think back on our past events. It's like taking a walk through an old warehouse of props and remembering the good times that are still hanging on, making me smile. Check out some of our finest work:

Some of these events are annual events that we handle every year, and some are one-time events that get a lot of time, resources, and energy put into them, and then they are over, and we move on. If you are an event planner, you know the bittersweet feelings the day after a huge event. And, you know the immense satisfaction you get from making people's lives brighter, adding fun and excitement to the world, and helping out good causes.

Growing an event planning business is a lot like the spectacular fireworks show we put on at the Seattle Space Needle every New Year. It starts with a lot of behind-the-scenes planning. Then, there's one beautifully-executed firework sent up into the sky, and everyone snaps to attention with a gasp. And then there's another, and another, each firework is different, but equally beautiful. Eyes are wide, ears cracking with each boom and cascading twinkle. Finally, at the grand finale, peak sight and sound. When the last firework fizzles out into the night, there's a moment of silence, and then wild applause.

This is when you know you took the right steps in following your dreams. This is when you know that you're going to do whatever it takes to make that kind of event happen again. And next time, it's going to be even better!

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