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The University of Washington had a new President and was about to launch a 2-billion-dollar capital campaign. To succeed, they needed to broaden support among business and civic leaders, the public, faculty and students, and the donor community. In addition to fundraising, the university also needed to communicate their commitment to expand the scope and power of education, advance the frontiers of health and science, cultivate and protect the environment, foster an active and diverse culture, and promote economic vitality. It needed to announce the start of all this in the course of one afternoon and evening.

The solution was a pair of events created to frame the strategy. The public celebration called “Come Together Washington” and the private experience the “UW Recognition Gala.”

Years later, it is easy to see the results and the effectiveness of the strategy. The campaign goal was exceeded six months ahead of schedule. And while it is difficult to measure the impact on the final tally, the University of Washington credits The Workshop for having a major effect in helping the campaign to exceed its goal by more than a half billion dollars.

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