The Sound Transit system launch featured 12 new stations. But, before the launch we were uncertain of how many people could ride on launch-day, and from which stations they would access the trains - northbound or southbound - and what would be their disembarking choices. With all these unknowns, how could we ensure a positive experience as the first public experience with this new system? The client hoped for 30,000 riders we planned for 150,000.

After months of design and testing and as the big day arrived, we knew we had a solid plan, but could the new light rail system handle this much traffic without breaking? It hadn't been tested like this before. Well of course it worked perfectly, and afterwards, Sound Transit had this to say about our work:

"Dox and The Workshop did an outstanding job for us in helping to plan and execute the opening weekend for Sound Transit's new light rail line this past July. He worked closely with Sound Transit staff to plan how we would manage the nearly 100,000 people we expected to ride light rail on opening weekend. His work helped us be able to handle the large crowds of families and other visitors with minimal wait times and without any major problems or incidents. Dox and his team are well organized, creative, and experts at planning and executing events."

                                                                                                                                                                                                            — Ron Tober, Sound Transit