1,200 donors annually Celebrate Swedish and their love for the Swedish Medical Center philosophy, the people and the quality of care. So much so, that they donate over $12M annually, activated primarily by this annual event. But, Swedish was in a growth mode and this growth required a higher level of giving - so their goal was to improve the case for giving during the live annual event. And you guessed it, they found someone capable of developing and presenting this complex new messaging - The Workshop.


Our approach was to refocus the message and storyline, and then enhance the live environment to support a new campaign strategy. The result: an increased level of donations. And more importantly, after several years of tuning, this growth continued each succeeding year. At the end of 3-years, we celebrated by developing a lovely campaign finale event for their donors, and then a unique grand opening experience for a new concept medical center, built in part with newly acquired donations. But those are both stories for another time.