Red Bull Lords of the Floor

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The Workshop was challenged to reach Red Bull’s core North American demographic through a unique communications channel. By building an urban hip-hop dance competition with an implied culture of best-of-breed, the Workshop delivered an event tailored to this edgy brand. Ultimately, the event established a vibrant brand presence through a larger-than-life event that actively engaged its audience.

Lords of the Floor Case Study (PDF)

Event Details

Event took place over two days in a Seattle aircraft hangar, and accomplished the following:

  • drew over 1,000 attendees, more than 100 competitors
  • brought together well-known MCs, DJs, mural artists and dancers
  • featured an authentic boxing arena/hip-hop concert
  • environment with central dance floor, DJ booths, concert lighting and striking tag art
  • positioned Red Bull as the drink of choice for the young, urban B-Boy community


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