Event People Are a Special Breed

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Event People Are a Special Breed

What to do When Lightning Approaches Your Event

Event People are a Special Breed

Long before the coronavirus pandemic, those in the event trade were a special breed of people. Successfully organizing events has always been a unique challenge, even in the best of times. It’s a robust orchestration of venue preparations, attendance promotions, creative flair, and timing. How many times have you heard a guest or client say, “Wow — I can’t believe you made this happen!” Event people overcome adversity, and you’ll prove it again on the other side of this pandemic crisis.
It’s well understood that the pandemic has halted gatherings and live experiences in their tracks. It has taken a toll on us all personally and professionally. Even though live experiences are not likely to return to pre-pandemic level anytime soon, the industry can look forward to what’s next because of its people — the event people. Event people will adjust and overcome like we always have before. Event people don’t turn away from discouraging setbacks. They find solutions when others lose faith, and overwhelm problems with hard work, new approaches and evolved strategies. Event people see a way forward when others want to retreat. A little crazy? Maybe, but they’re absolutely fierce about attacking obstacles, and always ready to roll.
Through my years in the events industry, I’ve discovered it’s filled with amazing creatives and intense organizers. They’re thinkers and doers, movers and shakers, and infused with a dash of pirate-thinking swashbuckler swagger. This fantastic industry is shaped by those who refuse to settle for the normal. It’s filled with those who push the limits looking for new ways to get it done. At the end of the day, they find what they do to be soul satisfying. That’s the event people.
I find these people to be driven by challenge, not discouraged. Solving tough problems is energizing for them, not draining. When it gets tough, event people dig in, dig down deep, and conquer the challenge with a great energy, and care. This industry is filled with truly courageous people with unflinching nerves. These people love drama and build theatrical suspense into real-time experiences. They revel in surprise, human emotion, and the gift of creating a strong, passionate environment for their communities. They love the show! The industry is filled with true professionals seasoned by adversity, but always buoyed with optimism. This industry and its people are amazing, and that has been the greatest attraction for me throughout the years.
Now we are being tested. This pandemic is pushing us in so many ways. We are being pushed to find new ways to do our work, guide our clients, and support our teams and families. I know we’re up to this and I know our audiences need for us to return, reopen and succeed. Our audiences expect this of us because we have proven ourselves. As event people, we need to explore our options moving forward. We need to help our people in this industry get through this and help them find good options. The pandemic has presented us with difficult challenges and the industry is facing changes. But I know we, the event people, are up to this. We’ll accept these challenges and turn them into successes and innovations. The pandemic is presenting us with a new breed of challenges, but the breed of people in the industry is not new. Event people will overcome — they always have. Hang in there, work hard, and stay healthy.

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