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Rovio Entertainment and its partner T-Mobile USA had ambitious designs to turn Seattle’s Space Needle into a slingshot to launch a rather large and “angry bird” into the stratosphere to promote the new game, Angry Birds Space. The ultimate goal was to grab the attention of both companys’ youth demographic and to create a social media buzz. The Workshop stepped in to design, strategize, engineer, and execute Rovio’s riskiest launch of all creating results that were undeniably out of this world. On March 17, 2012 not only was Rovio’s and T-Mobile’s target demographic watching, but the whole world was watching as the story trended worldwide at #1 for eight hours on social media channels.

OBJECTIVES                   ENGINEERING                SAFETY      RESULTS

To pull off this complex feat in such a limited time, The Workshop assembled a world-class engineering and aerial rigging team that flew in from all over the country. Translucence, weight, scale, wind shear, color, and logos had to be meticulously calculated into the design and manufacture of both the inflatable bird and the slingshot, which The Workshop developed from scratch. The 300-foot slingshot and 35-foot inflatable bird were two separate entities connected by Velcro and snaps and anchored to both the 605-foot building and the earth creating an optical illusion of Red Bird being poised to launch into the great beyond.





Safety of both the rigging team and the public was of utmost importance. The Workshop insured 24/7 monitoring of the assembly process and the installation making safety its primary concern. The Workshop’s team was prepared to cut the lines at a moment’s notice if the public’s safety was remotely compromised. The team also worked through the night to rig and install the elements so as not to disturb the Space Needle’s normal business hours.





Despite the challenges and risks presented by limited time, gravity, tension, safety engineering, weather, and WIND, The Workshop executed Rovio’s vision with stunning results. All eyes on the ground, in the city of Seattle, in the media, and across social media were glued to Rovio’s Angry Bird icon as it threatened to slingshot into the galaxy. Much to the delight of Rovio and T-Mobile, The Workshop’s Angry Birds Space promotion created a global buzz about the new game and helped sales blast off.





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