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David "Dox" Doxtater 
Founder & Producer

Dox here! The possibilities of scale and the transitory community building inherent in live event planning motivate my decades-long career in the industry. I’ve been involved in producing many of the giants of northwest festival history; Bumbershoot, Summer Nights on the Pier, and Folklife have my sweat and ingenuity baked into their legacies. I founded The Workshop in 1997 with the mission to provide the highest level of service while working in partnership with clients and vendors. I believe that great event management is an art form. Our business at The Workshop is in facilitating and fulfilling ideas, working closely with our clients from the inception of concepts to their fully realized, flawless execution. I’ve had the great fortune to hire extremely talented and highly skilled creative teams and am proud of The Workshop’s reputation as one of Seattle’s premier spectacle and event producers.


When I’m not flying from meeting to meeting on a scooter, I enjoy spending time in my wood shop and trawling auctions in search of woodworking hand tools to add to my growing collection.

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