Islandwood – Dinner in the Woods

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Located on Bainbridge Island, Islandwood is a non-profit organization that provides people from all walks of life with the opportunity to interact with nature. The 250-acre campus is mostly wooded and shoreline, with a small footprint of buildings which house classrooms, meeting rooms, visitor dorms, and a central gathering area and dining room. Islandwood has worked for almost ten years with The Workshop on its fundraising galas and events; to ensure that the guest experience and storytelling improves over time. We coordinate directly with the Islandwood staff to prepare meals on the event premises from home-grown ingredients, build and produce the live audience story, and with staff to integrate the overall guest experience with the Islandwood brand. Design | Client Relationship


Islandwood's strong brand identity facilitates a rich and visual experience for the guests, in a location that represents of the environmental education brand. Visitors to an Islandwood event expect to connect with nature and the youth who learn to become environmental stewards. The decor, the people flow, the show timing, and the myriad of details all have to be designed and work flawlessly in order to reinforce this connection. In the end, the measurable result is the financial support that the event audience brings to bear on IslandWood's future.


Repetition has its benefits. The Workshop has consistently and successfully worked to support Islandwood for more than 15 years. Each year requires the need to increase the amount raised in order to keep up with success, growth and the economy. The trust built between client and vendor has allowed us to take innovation risks and work increasingly efficient. We are proud to help Islandwood succeed each year! 

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