Vital Information Update – Webinar

A lot of folks have asked for a recording of the new State guidelines session we recently held with Karen Hanan, Executive Director of the Washington State Arts Commission. I’m sending a link to help you gain quick access to important information about our event future.

Theater & Performing Arts COVID-19 Requirements

THEATER & PERFORMING ARTS COVID-19 REQUIREMENTS Theaters and performing arts are permitted to operate, provided the general and discipline-specific requirements in this document are met and followed. The theatre and performing arts organization must adopt a written procedure for operation that is at least as strict as the procedures below and complies with all safety […]

event people

Event People Are a Special Breed

What to do When Lightning Approaches Your Event Event People are a Special Breed Long before the coronavirus pandemic, those in the event trade were a special breed of people. Successfully organizing events has always been a unique challenge, even in the best of times. It’s a robust orchestration of venue preparations, attendance promotions, creative […]

Helping Hands newsletter

In recent weeks our industry, people, and ability to work have been completely devastated by the unexpected impacts of the existing health crisis. While uncertainties abound we do not yet know the extent of these impacts or the long-lasting effects they may cause within the live event industry. This is truly a time to come […]


WHAT LIES AHEAD FOR THE EVENT INDUSTRY AMID COVID-19 WHAT LIES AHEAD FOR THE EVENT INDUSTRY AMID COVID-19 THE GLOBAL IMPACT OF THE CORONAVIRUS Right now, the business world is in a whole new landscape. The incredible infectivity rate of COVID-19 has nations across the globe asking everyone to stay home.  On the other hand, […]

What to do When Lightning Approaches Your Event

What to do When Lightning Approaches Your Event What to do when Lightning Approaches Your Event When it comes to outdoor event planning, wind is usually considered the most dangerous weather condition. It can blow tents over, sure. But in my experience, lightning is life-threatening weather. Especially for a large outdoor crowd gathering. Most event […]

The Head and The Heart: Concert Production in the Fast Lane

THE HEAD AND THE HEART: CONCERT PRODUCTION IN THE FAST LANE Illustration by Annalise Lyon It all started the first week of August when my friends at the Pike Place Market called to see if I could produce a concert for the band The Head and The Heart on the roof of the Market for Amazon […]

How To Produce An Amazing Live Event That Makes Everybody Talk

Live events exist in a unique bubble in the marketing space. You’re not producing digital-only creative. Live events are a blend of creativity that touches both the physical and digital world (often referred to as “experiential marketing.”) So, we often get customers who want to know exactly what live event planning is — and why it’s valuable. After all, […]

Step Forward – SR99 tunnel grand opening

Step Forward After the unfortunate 2001 Nisqually earthquake, the Alaskan Way Viaduct suffered significant structural damage, and the State of Washington started an ambitious new project to bore a structurally-secure tunnel under downtown Seattle to carry SR99 from SoDo to South Lake Union. The SR99 Tunnel (also called the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel) was officially […]

What Does Event Planning Really Look Like?

What Does Event Planning Really Look Like? A Peek Inside The Workshop Every organization has a place behind the scenes where they make the magic happen. A team of one of the best Corporate magician who make everything you need appear before your eyes. Imagine you’re at a restaurant and a beautiful plate of pasta […]

Hi There, Caitrin…

It’s great to meet you! We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of The Workshop, Caitrin Millar: Event Designer and Planner Extraordinaire. With an incredible eye, crazy color acuity (show her a color and she’ll give you a name worthy of Pantone) and mad organizational skills, Caitrin is going to knock it out […]

When the Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows: 7 Things That Can Prevent a Wind Disaster at your Event The wind blows – that’s a fact. Many of us first understood the power of the wind as young children, wielding colorful kites on the beach.  As adults, the power of the wind is only apparent to us when it […]

Creative and Concept Briefs

ISES Conference Opening Night Reception Creative and Concept Briefs: Designing an Event… for Event Planners! As event designers, The Workshop lives and breathes high-pressure situations, but when asked to plan the Opening Night Reception for the International Special Event Society Conference (“ISES Live”), we knew the pressure would be higher than usual – an event […]

The Workshop is a Messaging Machine

  July 18-20, The Workshop produced the 18th Annual Sequim Lavender Farm Tour & Fair. This celebration of Sequim’s world-famous lavender farms was not your average summer fair – in fact it wasn’t just a fair, but a collection of miniature festivals located on working lavender farms. Fun and unique, this event was brought to […]

Make Events Work for You

  At The Workshop, we’ve been looking closely at the impact of events in today’s economy. It has become clear that in this day and age, the old event methods don’t reach like they used to. Today, businesses need events to adapt and employ strategies that leave old and ineffective thinking behind. It’s time to […]

Oliver Little

Oliver’s technical know-how and can-do attitude is imperative to our project success and meeting client goals. Since joining The Workshop in 2004, he has managed our biggest and toughest productions. Oliver seems unphased by the complexity of hairy production and troubleshooting problems, as he oversee’s all of our technical designs and build-outs, and the outdoor […]

Steven Baker

Steven is a longtime friend and technical designer for The Workshop and has years of experience developing our most interesting and complex shows and presentations. Steven helps us deconstruct a client’s show storyline, and then builds the technical possibilities to give our designs range, breadth and feasibility; and then adds his unique ability to invent […]

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